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Does a high "wind" setting affect long range duels (penetration capabilities)?

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It just struck me that it might not be beyond Charles to code this in CMBB: Does a high wind setting increase the resistance of a fired AP round on relative longer range duels with AFV's, so much so that the AP shell might not penetrate?

(1) If an AFV is shooting "directly into the wind" over a distance of, say 1000m+, will it affect the AP penetration possibilities if the fired shell was very close to its max. penetration envelope without wind?

(2) And by the same token does the wind affect the accuracy of a shot over relative longer distance duels?


Charl Theron


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Guest PondScum

I'm betting that Charles has coded (2) but not (1). Place your bets, everyone - then let's see if we can get the official word from Battlefront, and we'll see who wins :D

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Originally posted by WineCape:


Charles drinks South African wine: i.e. therefor he is bright; it might not be beyond him to entertain such possibilities for future CM worlds you know... tongue.gif



Regarding this new evidence I have no other choice than agreeing to your original post. This was certainly unexpected. Did'nt see that one coming :D
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i believe your refering to the magnus effect whether its modelled or not i dont know.(i doubt it.as its still largely misunderstood)

WW2 pilots complained of this effect whilst duelling in mid air.atmospheric conditions certainly influence the effect.a .303 rifle round has severe trajectory changes at given ranges,without high winds let alone with them.

velocity,round weight etc all influence the result.thus making crew experience a important part of a successful hit or miss.

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How apt, the "Magnus Effect" as highlighted by Picklehead above refers to inter alia a cricket ball, given that the World Cup Cricket kicks of tomorrow here in Cape Town when SA plays the West Indies.

"The commonly accepted explanation is that a spinning object creates a sort of whirlpool of rotating air about itself. On the side where the motion of the whirlpool is in the same direction as that of the windstream to which the object is exposed, the velocity will be enhanced. On the opposite side, where the motions are opposed, the velocity will be decreased. According to Bernoulli's principle, the pressure is lower on the side where the velocity is greater, and consequently there is an unbalanced force at right angles to the wind. This is the magnus force.

The head spins.

I suppose that #(2) on my original post could be programmed in future CM's by setting the %Hit chance to 5%-10% less (or whatever) for windy long range duels above certain ranges? Now we will have more people cursing the accuracy of their AFV's.

Careful what we wish for...

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If they're going to model that it'll probably be a little more complicated then that. My guess is that a large low velocity round (rockets, Steilgrenate 41s, etc.) would be affected a lot more than smaller high velocity rounds. Though the accuracy of the low velocity rounds at long ranges (where they would be more affected by high winds) is already abysmal, so one can wonder about the benefits of modeling this.

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