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Using pbem turns to generate a new game?

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My apologies if there is a better forum to post this question. Can a pbem turn be loaded in the scenario editor and the saved as a new scenario to be played? There are two things I want to try: I would like to restart some pbem games against the AI to try out alternative strategies. I am also playing a pbem game where we have run out of time, but would like to continue to play. We thought it might be possible to load a pbem turn in the scenario editor, add some time to the clock, and then save it as a new scenario so we could play on. Any suggestions?

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Originally posted by WWB:

You cannot load them into the editor. You can load them as QB maps and import the forces.


Great. Now I owe you thanks for great scenarios AND advice. :D Thanks for the clarification; this worked perfectly. I also found the explanation in the manual, and am chagrined I didn't try that first.

Thanks again!

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