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Originally posted by no_one:

I do not waste time doing scenario editor test's,I wait until I experience these things in-game.And based on experience(though limited experience),81/82mm FO with like 6-9 tubes,firing on armor that is on road,pavement,and possible even rocky,will be significantly more damaging.NOT to kill,but to immobilize,gun damage,dead TC.

With all due respect, I would not give that advice, as a player with LOTS of experience AND tested it out.
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A while ago, while playing CMBO against the AI in a random scenario, I blew up a Hetzer with an 81 mm off board. I wasn't deliberately aiming for it, just the crunchies around the thing.

Quite a surprise to see it blunder into the barrage and then blow up after a top penetration. But a welcome one smile.gif

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