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They will fire them as far as 100m but they are quite inaccurate, with hits becoming common only at 60m or so. Helps to have many to fire, too, even that close - "common" here means on the order of 25% of the time, while rare means more like a few percent. They will fire them rapidly, that is a benefit.

As for what they can do, with a flat enough lower side hull hit they can disable even a T-34, but it is a desperation tactic. They can reliably hurt T-70s from any aspect but the front (some chance even then), T-60s any aspect, and all the tankettes and vehicle screen light armor types (BA-64s, scout cars, carriers, etc) are vulnerable to them.

As an infantry AT weapon, they are not nearly as effective as the tossed AT grenades (seriously overmodeled incidentally), or the magnetic mines (which have poor range but excellent effect within it). Their advantage is the longest range of any infantry AT weapon available until the faust-100 in 1945.

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I'm pretty sure that fausts don't come into play until sometime after May of 43. At least this is what I hope so. As I've made a bold move with with my only T-34 in a recent PBEM. So I'm putting the german rifle grenades to the test, check it out.


Got a nice side shot on the captured T-34, hope it pays off. I'll post the results of this little duel.

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