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Pre-planned artillery barrages

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Hi - can anyone please give me some explanation re Pre-planned artillery barrages. I'd like some general information re how to use them and when best to use them (over and above what's already in the manual). Can they be used in QBs, for example?

Can anyone direct me to a link if this has been discussed before - have done search but not been able to find anything.

Many thanks in advance!

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You can use them in QBs, but most people would tell you they are a waste of points. Simply buy a big calibre arty module (above regimental level) and plot a fire mission in the first turn. You can add delays in 1 minute increments, but you can't move or cancel the fireplan. Most people would probably tell you light stuff (81mm mortars and 76mm) is good for defenders to break up attacking formations and cover "jumping-off" areas, whereas attackers should go for 105mm-170mm stuff, since it's big enough to winkle out dug-in troops. The realy big stuff is really only for scenarios. On board mortars firing indirectly through an HQ are far more accurate. That said, I often find an 81mm spotter is good on attack for laying smoke screens and suppressing enemy guns.

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They are available in mission types other than Meeting Engagement, regardless of whether it's scenario or QB.

The best use would be with long-delay FO's. The fire delay is greater for conscripts and high-level artillery in general and for early war Soviets in particular. Such a combination wouldn't be able to effectively call for fire during the battle. 82mm Mortar FO's and other battalion/regimental level arty usually can do it within reasonable time, offering better flexibility. Another thing is that Pre-planned bombardment falls on spot without LOS on the target or TRP. Good in a poor visibility situation like night time in bad weather or when the sight is obstructed by terrain features. Attacker doesn't get to buy TRP's in Quick Battles.

You better just make a test scenario with various FO's and see how long the delays are.

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