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To make dust, or not to make dust...

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that's the question.

On a thread over at the CMBO forum Moon said the following:

Dust for example makes a ton of a difference. Remember, it's not only kicked up by moving vehicles, but also by artillery barrages and main gun fire.

Now that last one escaped my notice before. Does this mean a large calibre gun firing wil kick up dust aswell? That would be great. Or is Moon refering to detonations of shells fired from on map guns and tanks?

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i was watching the Sherman vs Tiger debate on UK TV (the Sherman won because of Detroit - like that's the real question). and there was footage of a tank being hit with an 88. there was a shockwave of dust raised around the tank when the round hit. that would be a great effect to see. also camo nets, dust being raised by the firing of the gun etc. all of which would draw us into the game.

i'd hate to have to code for affected LOS though.

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I have a question on a similar line .... I asked it in another thread but saw no answer...

Dust ...... will it be kicked up by all vehicles when moving, or will it depend on things like the vehicles Speed / Type / Ground Pressure etc.

Will there be differing amounts of dust .... will a truck doing a 'Move' throw up as much as an AFV doing 'Hunt' or 'Fast' ... Also will the wind speed determine the amount of dust produced


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