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CM2 Mac Issues

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CM2 Designers, my questions relate to the abiility of OS9 BO,BB and AK scenarios to be translated into the new CM2 format. As you know OSX cannot run CM. The new Mac G5s cannot run OS9. Therefore it would be a sad loss for Mac users if CM2 cannot access all of the great work accumulated over the years when they upgrade, as I surely will, to a G5.

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From the answers so far here and in the Tech Support Forum, it appears that neither the Mac nor non-Mac platforms will be able to utilise the creative genius of all those secenario designers work from CMBO,BB and AK. It's a real big pity but that's the way it is folks.

However, the good news is that CMX2 it is going to be very different, which I hope is code for much better.

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