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Liebstandarte division emblem

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Please do not let your irritating sensibility come between me and my righteous anger.

First the dimwits at Alitalia (may they go bankrupt soon), and now dimwitted neo-nazis. Still, if I wanted to look for a ray of sunshine, I could console myself in that it is better to have stupid Nazi admirers than smart ones.

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Originally posted by MikeyD:

I could see an inflammatory T-shirt being worn by a punk rocker trying to make an anarchist statement. But instead of fans of the kick-arse '80s band "Butt Hole Surfers" buying the T, I suspect it'll more likely be purchased by butt holes.

If the t-shirts are marketed at the average SS re-enactor, they will only be available in XXL size. Search for "panzer wrapper" on ebay and get a load of the sizes they are going for these days.

Oh, and if you see some really cool field grey assault gun uniforms by username panzeruniforms, that is, of course, me, so feel free to bid generously. ;)

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I think the market they are trying to hit with this type of item is reenactors. Some of the bigger reenacting events have flea markets where companies like Belle & Blade set up tables and sell this stuff.

The original poster mentioned a bumber sticker. I've seen magnets, the same size and shape as the Waffen SS divisional insignia painted on armor, being sold at events.

Not that white supremacist types wouldn't get their wallets out for a shirt like the one in the link you posted, but I think the primary audience for this merchandise is reenactors.

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While the intent may be to attract history buffs, and re-enactors, the fact remains that yes, the racialist fantasizers will flock to join in for the sake of their delusions,,, Sad but true, the word "Liebstandarte" will draw bigots and hate mongerers,,, Too bad realy.

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