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Tiger, Panther Manuals on web

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Found these while compulsively googling 'panther tank'.


It shows a number of pages of cartoon illustrated German tips, rules of thumb and rhymes for big cat crews.

Includes some very interesting info, like the pattern of shrapnel created by HE shells and how to aim to take advantage of it. Also how to bounce shells off hard terrain to get airbursts. Appropriate range and targets, in some detail, for several types of weapons and ammo, right down to the crew's pistols and grenades. How to get houses to explode like a bomb (as seen in CM graphics), etc etc.

Very cool.

Helps if you read a bit of German- perhaps someone whose German is better than mine can do a proper translation.

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Aco4bn187inf ,

The Tigerfibel for sure (and maybe the Pantherfibel)

has an English translation available online, or at least did, for I have seen it and am pretty sure a link can be found in the Forums by searching under the terms above. Both are groggy, engaging, and a bit racy--just what the crews needed to help them retain the info!


John Kettler

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