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1.2 Cease-Fire Bug?

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Since installing the 1.2 US patch, I've played a couple attacks where the game suddenly and unexpectedly ended in a cease-fire, even though there were a number of turns left to go and my side's global morale was fairly high, as were my victory points. (Sorry I don't remember any specific numbers.)

I never pressed the cease-fire button in these matches. Did I misunderstand something in the manual about this feature, or is this possibly a bug? It's frustrating to have the match abruptly stop like that.

Thanks for any info.

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Yup, happened to me to. Moral high, just 2 casualties, about to make the big jump to the flag, and kaboom! Cease Fire Declared!

What it looked like to me was my victory percentage was just 2% because I hadn't made my big move yet. The defensing AI's victory condition was down to 2% because of the beating he was taking from my tank guns. That cease fire got more that a couple colorful explitives out of me, that's for sure.

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I know that in the most recent of the two games I played where this happened, my forces' global morale was around 80%, and I had one of the two major flags under my control. My casualties were minimal, maybe 2 or 3 squads worth of men out of a 1200-point force. There were around 7-10 turns left, not including the variable turns ("+") after that.

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