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Camo'ed MikeyD Pz4-G Late *POSTED

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I've been playing around with a camo look for this AFV, I'm not quite sure if I'll do much more with it or not.

Being that it'll be in direct competition with MikeyD's own excellent camo job, it'll likely be of very little interest too the community. smile.gif


[ October 20, 2005, 10:13 AM: Message edited by: DEY ]

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In a perfect world there would be three or four really good versions of each vehicle. I switch my mods with each scenario, and hate it when there is only one good version of something to use.

So in that sense no good camo job really competes with another. There will always be a scenario where one is more suitable than the other.

So bring it on.

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But often enough it´s just too tiring to switch the mods for every scenario or have five different versions of CM installed... I modded my CMAK differently: Early war CMAK, mid-war CMETO, late war CMNormandy. :D Works reasonably well. Maybe - if I should ever have the money to buy a new PC - I think about haven different versions of CMAK installed. But not before. ;)

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Okay it's uploaded for anyone interested, I hope it's not to much of a disappointment.

Actually David ya had the Model version wrong also.

I could have a look at those AC's in the near future Pat, but it's very likley you could do them better then me.

I'm very unhappy with that 222 & 223, there was a mega problem from sorta glaring bright spots showing up on them, anyway, I just didn't feel up to fighting with them anymore at the moment.

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I was playing around with this gelb spw251/1, /17 earlier, had the side and top more or less done in this look, forgot about it until I run into it playing a battle.

I may tinker with a little more but should upload it in another day or so.


Below added in edit.

Also here is what that /17 model really looks like and what it's purpose is,


[ October 21, 2005, 06:09 AM: Message edited by: DEY ]

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Just to let anyone interested know I just uploaded the HT, with some tweaking it only looks just a tad different then the above screenie.

Also as some of ya may have noticed I did upload the above final PzIV with a different turret skirt camo pattern.

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