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Questions about CMMOS

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Could somebody please explain something with the CMMOS?

I have dl’ed all the files/rule sets from the HQ and everything seems to be fine with the tanks. I press on an icon and the tank get a new skin – that’s easy – meaning even I understand it!

At the German and Russians, however there are a lot of icons, and it seems as if only a few actually does something like adding TF’s winter uniforms (BTW there seems to be two Russian sets of those - should there be?) All the rest of the icon reverts to summer uniforms set 1 and/or set 2.

I have found one that reverts to the BFC originals.

But – what is set 1 and 2 – and how come all those warnings about deleting?

I thought that CMMOS eliminated all the deleting.

Thanks in advance!

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Nope, been busy with real life, hate that really.

I am the one running CMMOS now. On the icons, I am assuming you are referring to uniforms.

This is how Gordon wanted set up so long ago. I decided to keep that going.

The delete business...winter snow uniforms are not really part of CMBB. If they don't exist then CMBB uses summer bmps.

SO Gordon designed the system so that these "non-BTS" bmps would be deleted if the gamer decides to do so. It is probably a good idea to do this. To clear out things once in a while.


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Thanks MikeT for taking the time to answer me.

Those icons I am refering to, are the ones with different symbols on them, not the torsos, - there seem to be alot more of those than the uniform/torso ones. (?)

I am still not sure what those are a about.

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