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Future Patch Idea ?

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This past weekend I fired up the old( but it works!) 486-66 up at my cabin and reloaded an old Talonsoft game( Battleground #4 Shiloh) and was reminded of how Talonsoft had a habit of adding patches from their previous games to their new game CD"s in that series.

That was nice! Did not have to download....and when you ever reloaded the game you always had the patches on hand!

With CMBB we have to download the patches in order 1-2-3 for them to work right and on "Dial-up" that takes hours! With about 77% of computers still using dial-up I was wondering if maybe CMAK can have previous patches for both CMBO and CMBB included on the CD? It can't be that hard and would sure be welcome to those of us who may have to reload any of the CM games in the future.

Just an Idea............ :cool:

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As an alternative, now that CMBB is offically "finished" (no more patches), why not a "Gold Edition" CD or somesuch that offered all patches, some mods, other goodies, etc. For a small fee. Would be convenient for the dialup folks, and an opportunity for add-on sales for BFC.

I believe wholeheartedly in giving artists a chance to make a living: the more BFC can earn from CMBB the more time they'll have to spend on CMAK and CMX2! I already have all the patches burned on backup CDs but if it were $15-20 I'd probably buy a "gold edition" upgrade CD just to support the makers.

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