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I got a straight 3 success working, so I released beta...

Scenario Maker beta

What is "Scenario Maker"?

This is an add-on tool of "Solo Grand Campaign".

This tool consists of 2 programs, Scenario CSVs Reader and Quick Scenario.

What is "Scenario CSVs Reader"?

Scenario CSVs Reader is the tool that reads CM parameters from 3 .csv files (such as Parameters.csv, Axisunits.csv, and Alliedunits.csv), and send them to Combat Mission.

It can deal 5 Reinforcement troops, and can set Exit type scenario.

What is "Quick Scenario"?

Quick Scenario is the tool that generates 3 .csv files (Parameters.csv, Axisunits.csv, and Alliedunits.csv) randomly.

It resembles "Quick Battle".

The most difference between "Quick Scenario" and "Quick Battle" is that the former can set "Tactical troop type".

"Tactical troop type" is a filter, and allows you your own propotion of section purchase point.

In addition, "Tactical troop type" can set unitlist, which allows you fine selection of units as German Heavy Panzer troops or Soviet PAK front, etc.


Windows 1024*768 only.

Currently German and Soviet only available.

please use it at your own risk.

CMBB has too many data... I'm tired a bit.

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Thank you for your response


What I wanted to make is Scenario CSVs Reader. Quick Scenario is almost extra.

CSVs Reader imports CSV data(units, battle paramters) to CMBB.

CSVs Reader can work without Quick Scenario.

Some people might say, "What does it mean? To enter data manually is easier and safer!"

Yes, it's right.

But, CSVs Reader has possibilitiy of helper tool for campaign rules.

Indeed, one of my goals is automatic entering of data RobO rule generates.(His rule has many good idea.)

It may not wrong to say Quick Scenario is a sample tool which generates CSV data files.

> "HSP Error"

Sorry, I have no idea. If I saw the error message, I might be able to have any idea...

SMIS.exe, which is called by Quick Scenario, is made by HSP.

Could you try Scenario CSVs Reader?


UWSC.exe simulates mouse click and key type.

If screen changes by some cause(for example, a ceratain software's auto update), wrong click or type can happen.

And, click or type timing depends on PC spec.

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Dear 76mm:

To be acculate, it is "ScenarioCSVsReader.uws".

It should be included in ScenrioMakerBeta01.zip(which you downloaded).

Run the ScenarioCSVsReader.uws with UWSC.exe.

How to run:

1. Run the uwsc.exe

2. Press the leftmost button of UWSC.exe. Fileopen dialog shows up.

3. Select the "ScenarioCSVsReader.uws".

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OK, still trying here...downloaded uwsc, loaded ScenarioCSVsReader.uws clicked through a few dialog boxes, then it asked me to choose the "CMBB Directory"--is that the main directory or scenario directory, or what? Either way when I clicked OK I got an error message saying "C/enigma/uwsc28d/cmbbpath.txt could not be written to."

What now?


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CMBB dirctory means Main directory.

It is the directory which contains Barbarossa to Berlin.exe.

Solution: Run "Scenario Maker Install Quick Checker.UWS" by UWSC.exe. You seem not to have ran it.

Cause: This tool or "solo grand campaign" must know the path of Barbarossa to Berlin.exe.

If you played solo grand campaign, you would have cmbbpath.txt.

In current scenario maker version, script which searchs the path is "Scenario Maker Install Quick Checker.UWS",

but in old version another script, which can't write the path, searched.

I think cmbbpath.txt generated by "Scenario Maker Install Quick Checker.UWS" dosen't exist, so old version script searched the path but couldn't write it.

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Sigh...I ran the check and it shows that many directories don't exist: AxisListDir, AlliedListDir, German directory, Soviet Directory, and Paramter directory. I then installed the Grand Campaign thinking that it would install these directories, but it did not.

I'm really interested in this tool but at this point maybe I'll wait for the non-beta version...any idea when that will be?


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I think your directory problem's solution is easy.

Using explorer, see the directory of Scenario Maker Install Quick Checker.UWS.

Move your directory to right position.(And see the manual.htm)

Right :

C:/Enigma/uwsc28d/ScenrioMaker/Scenario Maker Install Quick Checker.UWS

Maybe your directory is :

C:/Enigma/uwsc28d/ScenrioMaker/ScenrioMaker/Scenario Maker Install Quick Checker.UWS


C:/Enigma/uwsc28d/ScenrioMakerBeta01/ScenrioMaker/Scenario Maker Install Quick Checker.UWS

and so on.

New directory may be created by unzip tool setteing, or user's way.

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OK Japanzer,

Now I'm really having problems. I tried to run ScenarioCVSReader.uws, and loaded parameters.csv, alliedunits.csv, and axisunits.csv. CMBB launched into a quick battle or scenario which did not seem to correspond to the units in axisunits.csv or alliedunits.csv. Moreover, I basically lost control over my mouse (it was leaping all over the screen) until I ctl-alt-dlt to shut down UWSC.exe. Kind of frustrating. I am running XP Pro. Suggestions?


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> Lost control

First of all,

In most case, you can stop uwsc.exe by pressing ALT + F2.

The exception case I've seen is Quick Battle's unit sort phase.

Even in this case, uwsc can be stopped by task manager as you did.

>leaping all over the screen

Confirm your resolution. This tool is for 1024*768. If not, it happens wrong mouse click or key type.

>not seem to correspond to the units in axisunits.csv ...


Most words in Axis(or Allied)units.csv are bmpfiles' names. For example, Tiger(PzVIEearly) in I-row means Tiger(PzVIEearly).bmp. UWSC.exe searchs the matching Tiger(PzVIEearly).bmp for Tiger(PzVIEearly) in CM purchase screen.

Without Tiger(PzVIEearly) in CM purchase screen(for example wrong date such as Jun/1941), UWSC moves mouse to topleft in screen.

So, I think this tool selects right unit or selects none. Wrong units can't be selected...

Confirm the date(line 2 of Parameters.csv) and unit available period.

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Dear Japanzer:

I changed my resolution to 1024x768, but the mouse continued to jump.

Also, I paid more attention to what happened with the scenario, and it appears that the program is opening an existing scenario ("A Deadly Affair", this time) rather than generating a new one based on the CSV files.

I've been working on something that might complement your work. Please send me your e-mail and I'll try to send you a copy.


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Dear 76mm,

> mouse leap

I strike upon CM resolution!

Is your CM resolution 800*600, isn't it?

If so, change it to 1024*768. (Rename the filename "Combat Mission BB Prefs" to something, and then run CMBB. You'll see CM resolution setting)

> opening an existing scenario

Maybe your Parameters.csv Line12 is :


But, why the tool selected "A Deadly Affair"? Hmmm, I don't know of it.

Anyway, if line 12 is "LoadMap?,MapGenerater", MapGenerater works.

Please try the following setting at the dialog of ScenarioCSVsReader.uws.

ParamSample.csv instead of Parameters.csv

AlliedSample.csv instead of AlliedUnits.csv

AxisSample.csv instead of AxisUnits.csv

What is your something? Sounds interesting.


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