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Where can I get 1.0.1 patch for Mac

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Recently purchased the bundle pack of CMBB, and CMAK for Macintosh. When I went to play my first PBEM game, I found my version couldn't load the file I received. This web site says I need to upgrade, in order, 1.0.1, 1.0.2, and finally 1.0.3. I was only able to get the two latest ones, and then I had to get them from a mirror site. When I click on Battlefront's link, I get a "Server can't be found" message. Anybody know where I can go to get it. I applied the two later patches dispite the warning, and now some of my tanks are a pretty rainbow texture, and others are solid black. Could be worse I suppose smile.gif .

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Puzzling as it should have been version 1.0.3 straight from the CD. I'd sugggest scrapping what you've got and and reinstalling. Check to see on the splash screen what version has got installed (plus 'Apple i' the app). Also have you got a 9000 - 9500 Radeon card in your mac? And what OS are you using.

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"Puzzling as it should have been version 1.0.3 straight from the CD."

Pretty certain I did this. I know I saw 1.0 in bottom right of startup screen.

"I just tried the company site and it seems like I could download the mac patches"

Yes, I tried it after reading your post, and it finally worked for me also. Reinstalled from CD, and applied patches in order, now all I have to do is reboot into OS9, and give er a try. Thanks for your replys.


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