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Belyi Road Bog Blues

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I am nearing completion of playing a PBEM beta version of a scenario called "Belyi Road 2".

In this version the environment has been set to "deep snow" (It's my understanding the newest version has already been changed to just "snow").

Using strictly "move" and "move to contact" commands, I was able to get a good percentage amount of my armor through the "deep snow" into battle.

However... what really caught my eye was the propensity of tanks carrying Inf plt HQs to bog.

While this may be a one time event, I am wondering if anybody else played Belyi Road (or any other scenario with "deep snow") and has experienced this anomaly.

The scenario has the usual (1) X HQ to (3) X squads ratio, riding tanks, but there are far more HQs walking than squads, after their tanks bogged in this scenario.

(We are running v1.03)

Thanks in advance,


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