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Odd unit pricing for captured vehicles?

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I was larking about in the Scenario Editor (as one is wont to do) and was baffled by the prices of captured vehicles. Take a look at these and see if you can make sense of what's going on here.

August 1942.

German Panzer IVF - 109 points (+20%)

Russian captured Panzer IVF - 93 points (+125%)

German StuGIIIF - 89 points (+30%)

Russian captured StuGIIIF - 77 points (+150%)

Russian T34-1941 - 111 points (+30%)

German captured T34-1941 - 130 points (+100%)

Russian T34-1942 - 108 points (+50%)

German captured T34-1942 - 127 points (+100%)

When the Russians capture German vehicles, they're cheaper than the German-owned vehicles. When the Germans capture Russian vehicles, they're more expensive than the Russian-owned vehicles.

Please remember that in the Scenario Editor, the rarity isn't included in the price listed for the vehicle. I've just included it for completeness.

Any guesses as to what is going on here, because it looks a bit screwy.

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Any guesses as to what is going on here, because it looks a bit screwy.

It might have to do with crew quality. Remember that early war reg German = vet Russian. Maybe the points were tweaked to balance out the better german troop quality at a lower cost.

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Originally posted by Dschugaschwili:

Most likely the reason is ammo. It seems that each nation is using its own ammo in captured tanks, and German ammo is generally better in CMBB. A look at the penetration charts should confirm this.


Penetration is certainly different for the 75/L24 and the 76/L42, but not the 75L/43 AP. Penetration difference is something like 5mm, which isn't a great deal.
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Up to the end 1943 the reaction times of all Allied units are one experience class less than for Germans. Only from 1944 on is the reaction time the same.

In addition the ammo is different.

The price difference is a little big for these two factors, though. The command delay seems to be worth 4% to BFC and the ammo difference usually only applies at high angles or in some cases at long range.

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Maybe it's a currency conversion issue. Maybe Russian points are to German points as Russian Rubles are to German Marks ;) .

I've seen several threads where people were jumping through all sorts of hoops trying to rationalize the game's pricing system. Maybe its because I'm not a tournament player, but I always assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that vehicle pricing was simply meant to be a rough way of estimating force size and quality in order to easily field forces who were roughly balanced. A small extra - or + in the pricing means practically nothing to gameplay... to me.

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