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New WW Andrew Fox Infantry Guns

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I hope these are worthy of Andrew's great art work.


I've redone the gelb version somewhat, I toned down the white on some parts of the gun, painted the shield brace and cleaned up the wheels.


I sure hope ya do somemore AFV's and Guns Andrew, thanks for all you've done up till now.

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All you can go by is the download counter. Most people won't post.

The voices in my head are fighting over you "fixing" your mods. I would rather you mod new things than perfect the "finished" ones. OTOH I can see the differences when you edit your mods. You do keep getting better all the time. Even Andrew Ed and Juju had to start somewhere.

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"Least wise, I know that at least two people are likely going keep these in their bmp folder."--DEY

Hey DEY! I am one of your biggest fans--I also love your scenarios.I am currently involved in three PBEMs with your designs. Keep them BOTH coming. Your new style ww mods really are sublime. Go man go!

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