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Allied General v CMBB

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Yesterday I started a campaign of sorts where I play Allied General but rather then letting the computer calculate outcomes I play them in CMBB.

Has anyone ever tried this before?

It isn't perfect and I'll be doing a lot of improvising in the future. Especially the AIs turn will be giving me a major headache. I have no hard rules as yet, trying to be a bit reasonable about coping with engine limitations of both games. It's hugely gamey but fun nonetheless!

So far I only did 6 battles, of wich 4 were artillery shelling. Using 1 FO per strength point has much reduced effictiveness. Much more 'realistic' results then the AI where 6 Strength points is a common loss. Now I'm lucky to get 2! And bombarding a much reduced force is even less efective. An attack with inf/tanks is mandatory to finish of units is now mandatory.

Another pleasant result is that I now get much better use of poor quality infantry. If you use them properly your conscripts can actually do well, wich was impossible with Allied General battle results.

A few headaches so far: The T28. The first battle (winter war) has two of these beast. I use two T26s joined at the hip as replacement, imperfect but the best I can do.

The AIs turn will be nightmare to do fairly because I can't interrupt the AI to imput battle results before it fights another thus it might have a succesfull attack in PG while the CMBB battle is lost. In a subsequent attack the AI will rely on the PG results and plot an attack wich would be impossible going by the CMBB results.

Playing against a human would negate this major problem but at this point I'm making up rules as I go along even if I can find anyone insane enough to play against me.(experience and a recent thread/test on the General Discussion Area seem to indicate finding the nutters here wouldn't be a problem) smile.gif

Am I the first to try this? Surely not, but I can't remember a thread on this.

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Hotseat is a problem, because no-one at my end would be interested. Not sure if Pbem would be do-able, in view of continual editing of save game files, I'll try it out later. But as the PG section of the game is in it's infancy I'd rather hold off on that.

I could already do the CMBB battles multiplayer(minus the bombardment and air attack only battles, obviously) if people wouldn't mind the freakish forces involved. Could be a bit troublesome to find people willing to tackle 10 KV-1s with 10 PzKW IIs. Ouch! :D

You can only multi-play the individual scenarios, not the campaigns, but adjusting the scenarios to represent the campaign is easy enough. At the end of the scenario edit the campaign to match the result as in the scenario played, go to next map and repeat. That Brass editing tool is pretty good.

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