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Walkthroughs, AARs

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As a CMBB newbie, I'd like more experienced players

to share some more scenario walkthroughs or After Action Reports. The scenario reviews from the Scenario Depot sometimes contain elements of these, sometimes not. A central source for more complete reports would be good. If there is such a source, please let me know.

Too bad CMBB doesn't have a feature to allow archiving of turn movies, or viewing a movie of the entire battle (w/ all units visible to both sides) after the battle's over.

(Oops; referred to CMBO in first post. Thanks, Nils.)

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Hiya and Welcome...

I've written some AARs and posted them here on a friend's site. While I am far from a great writter they might help some.

But more importantly, I have the wonderfully written and highly amusing battle between MasterGoodale and ParaBellum linked there. I also have a couple other really good AARs I've linked to. These alone should help your playing some. Give them a read.

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In our scenario discussions area, we give some pretty good AAR's on the scenario's that we're testing. I've been thinking of expanding upon this and have a full-blown AAR area, but that will be delayed until after I make the site CM:AK "compliant". Oh, the site is The Proving Grounds by the way, link in my sig below. Hope to see you there, and welcome to CM!

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