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SPW 251/16 Historically useful?

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I did some searches on previous threads and discovered little about the real-life use of the /16 HT. Does anybody know what they were used for (besides burning people and things) Were they mostly a behind-the-front weapon (Einsatzgruppen/partisan hunter/city suppessor) or were they used up-front killing bunkers and routing trenches?

In game, I tend to use them for anti-tank work, if i wasn't able to purchase 'normal' AT defences.

I got a plt of them in my last QB and for the loss of 1, i smoked 3 T-34/85's with them (yes, it was night time, and I did the evil, drive around the tank in the dark, dash up from behind and toast 'em technique) I've done similar things early war with my flammpanzer II's vs. KV's. I am curious as to how 'gamey' that is. I know I'd have trouble doing it in the daylight (the computer had ATR's and ATG's...but like I said, it was night time)


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My information sources about spw-16 are limited to "German Flammpanzer" Osprey publishing book.

The reports about his perfomance seems to be good. But it would to be used at least in platoon formations and due his vulnerability in poor visibility weather.

The reports are specially goods when it´s used in quickly counterattacks and urban combat.

I think than It was a very specialized vehicle to use only in a very special combat situation.

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