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Winter mods replace existing schemes?

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There are two permanent bmp set slots for almost everything in the combat mission games, one set for a summer look and one for winter. The game ships with all the summer effect look already filled by battlefront, but for say the AFV's and uniforms the game starts out of the box with these slots empty for the winter effective appearance.

When you start a battle the game engine checks to see what ground condition is being used, if the ground has snow on it, then the game engine will first check the winter bmp slots for all the units, which is a higher number then the summer bmp set, for cmbo a 1 was added to the the number so say a summer number set would be 3400-3422, the winter set would be 13400-13422.

In cmbb for the most part 50000 is added to the summer number set to get the winter nimber set, so say a summer set numbered 3400-3422 would be 53400-53422.

If the game engine can't find any of the higher winter bmp sets for anything then it reverts to and loads the lower summer bmp sets.

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