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Card-Carrying Idiot newbie question...

When i try to give mutlple orders... for instance:

"Move to X point, then, Move to Contact to X point"

I cant seem to get that to work. I can issue multiple, waypoited orders , if they are of the -same- order type...

For instance:

"Move to X point , then to Y, then to Z"

But, if i try to mix and match order types (Move, then move to contact) They wont "stack". The "move to contact" will completly overwrite the inital "move" command.

Im not sure if im just missing something, or if these type of orders are not allowed...

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Well I'm not sure I follow but here is some stuff that may help. First, continuous waypoints can be set by right mouse clicking. Next, if your waypoint line has more than what I'll call 'node' you may give different move commands by either hot key commands or right clicking the unit box and selecting the order from the order window.

Now if your waypoint line had 4 waypoints and you wanted the last leg to be from 'fast' to 'move-to-contact' you could either hit 'f' and Rt. click three times, then hit 'e' and finish with a left click. Or, you could hit 'f' and left click three times, then 'e' and left click. Also you can hit 'f' and right click the mouse three times and then left click to end the line. You can modify the nodes by left clicking on the waypoint also. This will outline the node with a yellow box and it will allow the change of the line following the node to just before the preceeding waypoint. I hope this helps.

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