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Does anyone play this way?

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I usually let the AI handle the targetting, but I put limits on them to conserve ammo. For example, I use cover arcs up to 200m for the infantry to keep them from shooting at targets way in the distance.

If I need some suppression to help get the infantry through a tough spot, I will select specific targets to help ease the way. I'll often "point" heavy and light machine guns at a specific target when need be.

With AT guns, I prefer to set them an arc at the limit of their most effective range and let them work.

I can't tell if I'm making sense here. Long day, need to sleep.

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I tend to play rather like Bergerbitz too. Sometimes I will do the targetting if there is a unit or suspected unit I really want hit. Alternatively, I will intervene if a target has already been sufficiently pounded and I don't want my troops wasting ammo on them. The rest of the time, I let my troops pick their own targets. I will assign cover arcs if there is a location I want to cover or I want them to save ammo or retain concealment, but otherwise I am cautious about them as I am concerned that an enemy unit will appear somewhere when I've instructed my units to look somewhere else.


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Originally posted by lcm1947:

I never allow them to target on their own. They always do it wrong. Well, they do. I don't see how you guys ever win that way but hey to each their own and I suppose it works for you or you wouldn't do it.

I used to religiously select targets for my troops. I discovered (after many, many battles) that kind of specific direction made them a little blind to other dangers in the area. They got tunnel-vision, so to speak.

Maybe it's my suspicious nature, but I always feel the greatest dangers are the ones that aren't seen.

Not directly selecting targets for my troops seems to give them the flexibility to react more quickly to new threats.

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When you give your units a specific target, they will stick more onto it, often ignoring juicy targets of opportunity, such as a squad running across the street. Especially for a defender who is outnumbered, it can be fatal to shoot the whole turn just at one target while the rest of the enemy platoon takes none of the suppression.

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