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Mid- and late-war Soviet uniform *mod*s updated!

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Not a huge update, but an update nonetheless, of infantry, naval, cavalry, and guards uniforms. Raincapes on squad uniforms have been changed to go over the left shoulder; naval infantry uniforms have been completely redone, they're now historically accurate for Soviet marines, who generally wore army uniforms and insignia with a naval belt buckle, foul-anchor arm patch, and blue and white striped sailor's shirt (which I can't depict the with this mod, sorry).

In keeping with the new advances at The CM Mod Database I've split the mod up into four separate downloads. I'll upload the guards mod this evening, but the other three are ready and waiting. smile.gif

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Shoot! I was better off not knowing about those blue and white shirts! Now I feel like whining! Wah!

Oh well, I'm sure if there was a way to do them you would have figured it out. So, now we know what we want to see in CMx2 right? I hope I live long enough to use this new CMx2 engine! :rolleyes:

Regardless, as soon as I see ANY of your mods or mod updates I go right to the 'base and grab it. What's left to mod, though? Half of the fun of waiting for CMAK is to see what mods arise--and I'm sure to keep an eye out for your future designs. But this raises one question: since your mods are far superior (IMHO) to what BFC cranks out, why don't they enlist your help? :confused:

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A must have for me. On my way to Walmart...

Thanks a million Andrew. They should offer you a day job ;)




  • Wine donation send to Fuerte for his PBEM HELPER, an excellent tool - it even lets you play 2 PBEM turns per e-mail exhange - if you play more than one PBEM at a time and have a Windows OS</font>
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-------------------History Note------------------

On 22 December 1944 General Heinrich von Lüttwitz, commander of the German XLVII Armoured Corps, sent a message to General McAuliffe, commander of 101st Airborne Division* demanding he surrender the surrounded town of Bastogne. McAuliffe’s reply, “NUTS!” is probably unequalled in the annals of military history, both for its brevity and the amount of confusion it caused in the German camp before it was deciphered.

*The 101st Airborne Division held out in Bastogne from 19-26 December 1944. The 4th American Armoured Division, under Patton’s Third Army, relieved the “Battered Bastards of Bastogne” during the German Ardennes offensive.

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Originally posted by M1A1TankCommander:

Hey AndrewTF

Any chance you could mod the russian black/green

spotted camo to other variations that existed?

They had some that looked similar to german oak camo.


I'd be happy to, if someone can provide me with a good photo or scan of the camo pattern. I'm actually working on modding the late Soviet airborne uniforms and it would be pretty easy to plug the camo pattern into the existing templates that I have now. The amoeba pattern was easy to render by hand (I drew up the pattern in Adobe Illustrator), but the leaf pattern will prove more challenging, as it's more complicated.

Working from photos and scans would be ideal, which is what I ended up doing with the German camo patterns. Fortunately there are plenty of "enthusiasts" out there in Internetland who have posted enough photos of German camo garments and patterns that making a pattern for Photoshop use is pretty easy. Not as much material for the Russians, unfortunately.

Originally Posted by WineCape

They should offer you a day job ;)

They know how to get ahold of me... ;)
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