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SU-76M *Mod* Released

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At Our Favorite Place. smile.gif

Lots of new details and goodies. Optional slogans and of course an unmarked version. Entirely from scratch, of course. Great thing about this model is that it's partly non-mirrored, so the slogans only show up on one side. The main hull side is mirrored, unfortunately, so I had to remove a couple little details to make it look better. You can still see tiny bits of the exhaust pipe housing peeking through underneath the toolboxes on the left side.




I also made, as you can probably see, a from-scratch Soviet crew uniform, with more accurate coveralls and new field gear.




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Stunning! Wine well s(p)end ;)


Charl Theron




  • Sponsor of the (now infamous) Invitational (Ari Maenpaa)</font>
  • Sponsor of the 2 WineCape Tourneys (Fangorn’s Brazilian customs drank the wine prize up! + KiwiJoe)</font>
  • Sponsor of the Nordic Championships in honor of Nabla (His scoring system revolutionized CM tourney play)</font>
  • Rumblings of War, aka RoW I/II/III and beyond tourney sponsor (Wreck/Ali+Kanonier+Jon_L/~)</font>
  • Grateful donateur to the drinking habits of Battlefront.com (Baldy received the Fat Bastard Chardonnay)</font>
  • Thank You donation send to Manx (He used to run the “sexiest CMBO modsite on the net”)</font>
  • Wine donation send to Team Boots & Tracks for their scenarios created specifically for RoW tournaments</font>
  • Wine donation send to Gordon Molek for his CMMOS utility (Thereby making the installing of CM mods a breeze)</font>
  • Wine donation send to Andrew Fox for his CM modding work</font>
  • Wine donation send to Keith Miller @ Scenario Depot for his dedication in hosting CM scenarios</font>
  • Sponsor-to-be of Pengville’s “Gamey Bastard” tourney (In honor of Seanachai + Lars for showing an act of kindness to an outerboarder - Well, bribery does pay.)</font>

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What can I say that you haven't heard before? Just excellent Andrew! Just excellent! This is truely a very fine looking mod and like everybody else is saying, badly needed. If I would have had it an hour ago I could have destroyed two of them. Oh well, now I'll get to. Thanks a ton Andrew and yes that Tankers uniform is also very nice. What a guy you are as all you modders are.

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Originally posted by AndrewTF:

I also made, as you can probably see, a from-scratch Soviet crew uniform, with more accurate coveralls and new field gear.

The coveralls for the Russian crews in CMBB was taken from a photograph of original WWII Soviet tanker coveralls. You can say that your coveralls are nicer or better, but not more accurate. In fact I think it's the opposite.

Yes, your coveralls have the late war shoulder boards, but I think it's incorrect. Shoulder boards were worn on shirts worn under the coveralls, but shoulder boards were rarely worn ON the coveralls. Usually late war tank coveralls had NO insignia at all. Remnember they were just working gartments. Decorations, shoulder boards and any kind of insignia were ususally worn on the shirt, but under the coveralls.

Otherwise, your uniform looks very nice.

[ August 28, 2003, 06:29 AM: Message edited by: Fernando ]

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Fair enough, Fernando. smile.gif

I modeled the coveralls after a photograph of late war coveralls that had shoulderboards attached. I managed to work in a few other bits like the knee reinforcements usually seen on these garments.

Actually, I considered leaving off the shoulder boards for the reasons you mentioned, but--as the original textures are very good to begin with--I try to add something extra to give people a reason to use the mods as an alternative to what came with the game. I don't want to be just re-making the original textures. That's pointless.

I appreciate the compliments, especially from you. smile.gif

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That makes sense Andrew. The best thing we can do is offering people as many options as we can. That means that offering a tank crew uniform with shoulder boards because there wasn't one available yet is a right decision.

Be sure I like your uniforms very much...and the vehicles too smile.gif

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No disrespect to Fernando whom I admire and am sure he was just making a point anyway as he clearly expressed but I just have to add that I certainly agree with you Andrew. Your mods are what they are ( some of the best ) due to your reasoning. You must be in sales? :D I know I for one love the extras that you add to your mods.

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