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CMAK, CMBB, CMBO: Anthology of Useful Posts II

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I mourn the loss of the old anthology, but it was suggested a new one be created. I'll update links regularly and really appreciate links that may be posted, so if you have a good thread for strategy then post it below.



Beyond Overlord

The "How to Attack Like A German/Russian" Threads

Barbarossa to Berlin

Newbie Thread

Calling all you tactical grogs

Company Command- Infantry Advance by JasonC

Afrika Korps


Attacking and Destroying SMG Squads

Factory Fighting

Flamethrower, effectiveness and use

Forward Observers Riding on Vehicles

German vs Russian Tanks in 1942

Keyholed Enemy

Mine Clearing

Special Weapons: A Defensive Line

Tactics Articles -- Infantry, Artillery and Armor

Using HQ's to spot (Indirect fire) |From MZO's War College|

Gambler's "You got strategy in my tactics" thread

How artillery really works

Important tips to remember:


  • Dead vehicles do not provide cover.</font>
  • Tanks that go faster are more likely to bog down or get stuck.</font>

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From a newbie who's playing the CMAK demo while waiting for his CMAK/CMBB bundle to arrive ....

STICKY !!!! please smile.gif

And to both the original authors and the person who started this thread.... THANKS!!!!!!!

(oh, and BTW, from other boards I've seen, the hint about editing the first post to include the other listings that people suggest is a good idea. Keeps a newbie like me from having to read through what will probably grow to be a 20 page thread)

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How to attack like the Germans/Americans/Commonwealth

Intended for CMBO, but you can take away elements for both CMBB and CMAK. Meant to portray something like historical/realistic tactics and force composition.

Calling all you tactical grogs and The "How to Attack Like A German/Russian" Threads

Similar style intended to treat the Russians in CMBB.

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I'm sorry guys. I'm still around, but I've been distracted for a long while. To my suprise I got accepted for an internship and I'm carrying a full time job for the first time ever during my summer. I'm 17, so it's a lot for me. I might actually pick up Combat Mission again, it is fun. But I have to go a 40 hour week, I have summer reading, I am learning PHP, C++, VB.net. I just don't have a ton of free time. I'll look over the articles though, sort them, and like always check back and accept people's suggestions. I'm not an expert, so I don't know what is the most use to you all. I'm relying on feedback for a lot of this. I'll update the thread soon, and check back regularly now.

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Before you are going to learn good tactics in CM you have to remember two things because these tips become very handy in combat..

1.Destroyed vehiles don`t serve cover.. so the enemy is able to shoot right trought them

2.When you have to run trough steppe to the next cover use always run mode not move because if you walk trough they will be eliminated Capish?

The real thing...

So those two were easy to remember. But to think your own strategys you have to have shallow and opened mind remember that too.... You have to think like real General in the war you cannot kill your own army like there were always more to put to the frontline because that wont work.

You have to think and after that comes the action do not rush because allied`s generals didn`t rush whit their strategys if they did they had very good luck. The computer isn`t so bad opponent like other human cause the human thinks much further the situation. Next thing is that don`t think that the opponent is easy to win...

Because the opponent could have better strategy than you.....


Now we are talking about Panzers,Tanks and Transpoint vechiles ok?

The first rule don`t ever send truck or jeep to steppe or road if you havent check that is there mines or anti tank squads coming because if you do it that way the next thing what you gonna see in the screen is flaming truck/panzer or jeep. Before you send your vechiles to there you have to sneak to some cover like in rocky area to see that what is coming if you are absolute sure that there isn`t any mines and anti tank troopers in hide or coming you can send first a jeep whit securing tank whit it if something happens you have to strike back when you stil can. Because if you start to sneak back your troops will be killed and vechiles will be immobile in few secs so you start cannon firing and then you send your troops to safe and after that you can send your vechiles to cover. In some cases you have to send more fire power to the fight and rescue your mens and panzers hell out from the open ground so this was the first lesson in the Strategys i hope that i will write more text files whit full of knowledge.... from useful strategys

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