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Has anybody ever tried a close quarter battle with all snipers?

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Seriously. Design a 180m map in the editor with houses and such. And duke it out with 15 snipers aside. The snipers representing riflemen ofcourse.

The funny thing is, this game works at this scale too. And it is refreshing seeing one man representing...yep one man. Don't knock it til you try it.

We need more single soldier squads for this kind of play, some individual one man smg, LMG individuals and so on. Its too bad this is hard coded and can't be modded.

Hey devs, hows about some more 1 man squads in the next installment? Makes for some pretty good multiplayer matches.

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Another thing you can do

is set casualties to 60%

before buying your infantry...

Do this with squads that are

small to begin with (eg Russian

SMG, German Pioneers) and you can

end up with some 3-man units...

I absolutely agree that CM needs

(just a little) tweaking for small-

scale firefights.

Way back when (and they are probably

around still & new ones as well) there

were many sets of rules for skirmish-type

actions- WWII, Vietnam, Zulu Wars, Wild West,

to be played with figures (this was before

CM, my children).

It seems to me that CM could really shine

in this regard, but it requires at the very

least changes to the way buildings "work"

as well as the previously mentioned choice

of single-figure units....

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Originally posted by Sanok:

I've tried it, too, and enjoyed it. I recommend using the editor to give the men 15 ammo, though.

I don't like playing large battles. A company is as much as I like. Playing with snipers, it reminds me of the board game Ambush.

I loved Ambush...I think I had all the different variants of it at one time. Like an idiot, I got rid of all my board games stuff about 6 or 7 years ago...before Ebay was such a force, and before I realized I'd want to play some of them again.

In a small battle like you guys are describing, at one range will the snipers quit shooting their rifles? I saw on another thread it was 100 yards...so I'm assuming in order for these guys to engage each other, they have to be more than 100 yards apart?

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My attempt at a small-scale scenario teamed an elite sniper with a platoon commmander who had max stealth and no ammo (using him as the spotter). The mission was for the pair to infiltrate behind enemy lines and see if you could find and shoot the enemy Battalion commander who should be sitting under the flag.

The scenario doesn't exactly work if you let the AI play the sniper side. ;):rolleyes:

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