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Big Battle set-up query

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Ah, it all makes sense now.

I picked up on the fact that you can set the level of casualties and I had set it on 'random'. Clearly my random setting is quite high, as I appear to have lost so many units.

I can only prey the Russians have similar casualties!

Thanks for the help!

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Tuhhodge mate-Remember the setup and buy screens are tremendously powerful,and I dread to think what other vitally-important things you may have overlooked,such as the Force Mix/Div Type settings!

E-mail me anytime if you need advice.

SPIKES LAW-Games are often won or lost at the setup and buy screens :cool:

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I had a real disappointing battle lately. It was 2000 points or so, and everything was set on random. I had a battalion of infantry and a Panther tank. I carefully planned an assault on a town and knocked out all of the T-34s I could find with the Panther, which turned out to be quite a lot. I positioned all of my infantry just so, then launched an all our assault. The positioning of my forces took about a half hour or so, by the way. I encountered one SU-76, which was promptly destroyed by my Panther. After that they surrendered, and it was then that I realized they had "Pure Armor".


Never again will I put random force mix.

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Thanks Spike, I'll be in touch. I know what you mean about games being won and lost on the set-up screen. I started one recently with a veteren SS Battalion with supporting Panzer IIs (I only had 400 to spend on armour in this 1942 game) and promptly lost all 3 tanks and about 4 AFVs in about a minute. Those pesky T-34s! I had to surrender, I had no chance!

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