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Do Heer and W-SS vehicle crews share headgear BMP's?

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Yes. The W-SS crews throughout CMBB wear the same side-cap as the early-war Heer crews. I made an alternate cap that was included in my W-SS vehicle crew mod set, which I don't think I re-uploaded to CMMods.com. Of course if you use that you'll have your early Heer crews wearing a W-SS cap, but at least you'll have a choice.

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Ah, I figured that must be it. I looked through the bmp's, but never saw an SS Schiffchen, or M43 for that matter. I missed out on your CMBB SS uniform mod because I procrastinated too long in buying CMBB and didn't get it until after the big crash of '03. Is it posted anywhere else? CMHQ maybe?

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