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The Kursk Pack

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As promised, the Kursk pack is now availible, but before you rush out to d/l it I first need to explain a few things.

First off, two of the scenarios, Jwxspoon's "Ponyri Express" and Franko's "Tank Warning" require a couple of more days of tweaking before they are ready, so they will be released at a later date (hopefully Monday). This still gives us 4 scenario ready to go. They are:

"Opening moments" by Rune

"Ghost column at Rzhavets" by Kinch

"Point 256" by Kinch

"Scorpions on the Steppes" by yours truly

Secondly, as some of you may know already, the Boots and Tracks site has been down for a while. It is now back up, but Scott only has access to the ftp server. Therefore, for the time being the pack will be availible here

We are working on the fix, and once we have it all straighten out we will let you know. Also, as soon as we get the other scenarios we will make them availible.

And finally, if you encounter any problems trying to d/l from the ftp server simply e-mail me and I will zip the files to you directly.

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STOP IT!!!! :mad: All of you!!!! :mad: Don't encourage the making of any more operations, scenarios, mods or anything else that will keep me in front of the computer :mad: This game is addictive enough :mad: Next thing you know BFC will be making a game that covers the Med!!!! and what will that bring???? :mad:

God help us :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Kingfish:

Bump, and a request for some feedback, even if it's just your impressions of the first few turns.

Please post your thoughts on the Kursk pack at the scenario forum, or e-mail the designers (or me) directly.


Kingfish, the link to the pack seems to be broken, please fix or do somefink.
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I am at turn 12 of "Scorpions on the Steppe" and, to tell the truth, am quite baffled as how the Axis player is supposed to accomplish his objectives in the conditions presented in the scenario. I do not consider myself a master of CM:BB but neither am I totally inept in the game.

My girlfriend watched for a minute and asked "are you in somekind of a hell on Earth?" to which I could only nod in silence.

Also, the turn calculations take twice as long as usual with such forces. Most odd.



During the day, maybe you could take the first hill with no insurmountable trouble, but then the quite long advance towards the next objectives would be impossible if the objectives contain any opposition at all.

During the night, the few units manning the hill present a formidable foe: they tend to suppress your advancing troops with efficiency, or at least I have everyone crawling around in utter terror all the time.

Presently I am pretty much bogged with the first two flags, as the few enemy units I do encounter usually appear from trenches in ranges of 20 to 10 meters. Example: I just had two MG's and a flamer wiped out by a gun that had nestled within 15 meters; with TWO full squads of pioneers first having passed the gun from 10 meters! Indeed, Extreme Fog of War is aptly named in this scenario and true: In the middle of the night, in a smoky hill covered in barbed wire and mines I can imagine a soldier easily walking over another without noticing the hiding man. Still, this scenario does not appear in any way balanced.

If someone should challenge me as the Germans and win, I promise I would devour the CM:BB manual with mayonaise.

I think I will restart, I made a few moves too rashly due to the time restraint presented. I think I would be able to take the first hill with less trouble with some very careful maneuvering. However for a first timer playing the Germans with the briefing he is given will be surprised in a way most horrible.

[edit]: I also might have ran into some bad luck as a few of the Soviet units appear fanatic to the extreme; I was able to suppress and rout a few with normal measures (as in: take a platoon with decent commander to LOS of single enemy squad, shoot for a few rounds, enemy is overpowered, pinned and finally routed) but then I ran into 10 bolseviks who routed 6 squads and two HQ's by themselves and are STILL fighting with two men left. They took two satchel charges and didn't miss a beat. This kind of occurences are sure to ruin your clever assaults quickly.


I also peeked at Opening Moments, and it appears to be a typical Rune scenario with possibly simple "move" orders for the first 25% of the scenario before anything actually starts.

I have long wondered why Rune so often makes very large, often flat maps where the action starts after 10 rounds, not at once. Why should one play an uneventful march to the front? This lessens the importance of the initial setup. Or are the players give a lot of time and space to scout carefully and then advance?

This is not saying the scenario doesn't appear interesting, I'll be giving the scenario a spin as soon as possible.

[ July 15, 2003, 11:16 AM: Message edited by: Ligur ]

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Originally posted by Kingfish:


Check your in-box

Everyone else,

For the time being just e-mail me and I will send you the pack. I'll let you know when the server is back up.

Thanks Kingfish, I will look forward to that when I get home from work.
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