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An unworthy opponent... a post of loathing...

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An unworthy opponent


May years ago when new to CMBO I hooked up with some guy who name rhymed with "Benito Mussolini". It was a historical scenario on Bastogne.

We started up and he almost immediately sent me a two page email detailing the errors I was doing, ie the Germans had done this, that and the other thing and why was I not following what they had done? I sent him a kind note reminding him that the Germans had LOST so I wasn't about to follow exactly what they had done.

I got back at least an 8 page email detailing all the reason (really nicely written too) of why anyone agreeing to play this scenario as the Germans MUST play exactly as the Germans had.................well that went on for awhile until I kinda proved I wasn't going to follow the historic attack path (strewn with mines and ATGs I might add and he said I was 'gamey' and packed it in.

Anybody else run across this fun guy?

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A couple years ago I was playing a game with someone, I forget who, all parameters were agreed to and the game began. It was a 30 turn game and at about turn 25 or so he began to call me "gamey" and such because of the forces I had, which was just a single Brit inf company and a couple of shermans... It went on for a couple more turns, then he quit saying that the "game paratmeters were not what he agreed to". Sheesh. :rolleyes:

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Allow me to make clear that the only problem I have with Sublime is that he kicked my ass recently.

Other than that, he is a great opponent, and this thread was just to break his balls for kicking mine. ;)

But please continue with more PBEM horror stories

very interesting...

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A while ago, I played this opponent that I found very rude, he would not say anything during a game or respond to my messages. He was also kind of creepy because every time I finished a turn he would always have his turn done and sent right back (almost immediately). His CMBO and CMBB skills were not that great, so I didnt loose to him too often. Anyway, never did find what his name was, but his initials were: A.I.


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