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Two small GUI mods "finally" released

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Excellent Supersulo and thank you. That play/Pause button in the game being reversed was bugging me and I had actually already gotten it earlier this morning from one of your posts in a thread but sure want to thank you for doing and sharing it with us, not to mention the other improvement. That play/pause button one works great and I bet I've smiled about having it corrected a dozen times this morning while playing a scenario. A little thing perhaps but I couldn't be happier about them. Thanks again.

[ September 01, 2003, 03:08 PM: Message edited by: lcm1947 ]

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Thanks for your kind words! smile.gif

With the original BMPs I always had the impression of "...great, Lt. Rasimov's men still have 5 hand grenades and two bottles of Vodka. They're out of saussages, though."
That's what I thought too! smile.gif Looking at the filedate, I made the mod exactly one year ago, September 1, 2002. Must have been right after I got the game. I think it was time I shared it... smile.gif

Gaylord, they are on www.cmmods.com

And Sergei, it's not possible to do a hi-res version, the size of the bitmap is hardcoded in the exe. Maybe in CMx2...


Oh and I'm using stock CMBB grass with added thin gridlines, homemade of course. smile.gif


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