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Adjusting settings?

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Is there a way to adjust graphics settings in CMBB and CMAK? I'm returning to the games after a long while, on a new computer even, I have a 19" LCD which works best at 1280 x 1024. CMBO looks just great, beautiful it seems to be taking advantage of the resolution! But CMBB and CMAK look all "pixelly" and a bit out of focus.

As an aside, a pleasant surprise. In the old days I used to shun ATI cards because I couldn't see fog in CM with them. I now have an ATI 1650 Pro, Catalyst 8.1, I was quaking and trepidating thinking I would see no fog, but lo and behold, there it is! I'm anticipating having a lot of fun re-exploring these games. Especially if I can adjust the graphics settings :D

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Actually, I just saw that it is only CMBB with the problem. CMAK like CMBO looks just fine.

In CMBB everything looks huge and blown out (i.e. like when anything is set to low-res). The splash screen for instance some of the text is outside the screen. In the other two games windows, screens, etc. look small and therefore sharp.

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You might want to post in the tech forum about this. Better yet, send support@battlefront.com an e-mail.

There may be things that you can do to CMBB that will sort it out but not mess up the other two games, so you may want to avoid system as opposed to game specific changes. I am not a techie, however, so take anything I say cum grano salis.

But I can't help but wonder what would happen if you kept changing your CMBB resolutions around -- as in delete that little preferences file that gets created the first time you fire the game up, and then experiment with different settings. I've also seen references to different font bitmaps that might correct some of the problems people have, but am not sure what would work in your case. But I have a feeling that if you play around with these two avenues and get a little direction from matt or schrully, you should be able to sort out cmbb. Unless one of them comes from a radically different source than the other (e.g. Battlefront on one and Euro CDV on the other), I can't think of any reason offhand why cmak and cmbb would behave differently: they're almost the same game.

I'm at a bit of a disadvantage here in that I've never had problems that couldn't be resolved with a little fiddling. And I'd be surprised if your cmbb and cmak setting really were the same and they came from the same source.

Isn't ancient software exciting?

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