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Retail CD autostart request/hint

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Just little request, or hint, about retail CD autostart. Now when CMBO and CMBB are coming out on retail in US I hope Battlefront make one thing clear to CDV. Of course if it was done by Battlefront crew then request goes to you..

Do not use that damn stupid installshield system as autostart for CD!!

Every time I put CMBB CD in it will ask me if I want to install or play game, and if I press Cancel it will confirm if I want to cancel installation.

And to make things better if I click play it will say that exe doesn't exists (it is looking for xxxxx.exe :(

1) if you use autostart do not use wise installation system, basically all games I have played had more professional looking autostart

2) if I do not want to re-install game do not make me click ok too many times

3) if I want to play game from autostart, make it actually work ;)

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what?! you take the CD out of the drive? what on earth for man?

as a workaround, why don't you disable autorun on your CD? assuming you're running win2k



Click the Start button followed by selecting "Run". Type in "gpedit.msc" and click OK. Click and expand "Computer Configuration", followed by "Administrative Template", followed by "System". Double click "Disable Autoplay" and then select "Enable" followed by clicking "OK".

now you get to run the cd by hand, which i find much better..

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Remembered this issue because had to reinstall windows last weekend after finally got bored because XP wouldn't remember any configuration settings (explorer related) after restart. Haven't yet had energy to try to remember where that autostart system was hidden...

Also combined with fact that I had to reinstall many other stuff I also had to use CD drive ...and of course sometimes have to burn/read photos from CDs.

Basically just thinking best for my fellow men smile.gif

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