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New mod posted Pz IVg mid gelb

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It isn't very accurate historically, but it was fun to make. Was going for a fall or arid camo look. Hope it isn't too offensive to the sticklers out there for accuracy :( . I was just wanting a darker camo on a IVG mid

It has many turret number and AR flag options (turret or hull placed flags....or both if you like to go overboard))

Will work for CMAK and CMBB



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Doesn't look bad. And if you ask me, I would not say it's too incorrect, either...

I have been told by an ex-Panther crew member that his tank actually had a very dark Dunkelgelb color. And as I said before in the other thread, I think it's reasonable to assume that Dunkegelb was, in fact, an ocher tone on some tanks depending on how the factory painted them and what battlefield conditions were.

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well i really enjoyed how this one came out, at first I had it way too dark.

I have to go in and use "curves" in photoshop to pull the colors back up without losing all the tones an blacks.

Then I when ape-poop crazy and started making ar flags and turret numbers.

Good to know it isn't too far off the mark though, they look really nice in the scenario SS breakthrough on CMBB that I am wrapping up right now, which by the way if you have not played is a real lesson in avoiding Russian ambush. And that isn't a spoiler because that's what it is about from a-z

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It looks good, though I'd not make it your standard Dunkelgelb. The tone I'm aiming for is more like the Tamiya color, because I think it's a good approximation if what the 'real' Dunkelgelb looked like. And, if I'm not totally mistaken, there are still people who think there were, in fact, TWO OR EVEN THREE different shades of Dunkelgelb, and whatdoes that tell us? Only that this color apparently had a wide range of shades or at least a few different ones.

P.S.: I think I already played that scenario. But I have played too many scenarios in the past years, so I can't really be sure... Will make it the next on my list.

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