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I'm Hooked

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Bought the combo pak just before New Year. Read a ton of posts on this great board in the mean time. Played a few scenarios in the Demos.

I found the game totally intimidating at first. Hell, it's still intimidating, but now I know a little bit more.

After recieving the CD I played the advanced tutorial. Learned a lot about tank battles, hull down and such. Took a try or two but finally got a minor victory.

Then went for a couple of the scenarios. Man, without the tutorial help I became a total stiffie, Patton would not have been proud of this American boy. I marveled at the scenario creators' ability to create fantastic cities, but couldn't get past the first move.

Finally figured out that if I get my ass kicked it's only to a bunch of pixels. Actually have not lost a single battle since that revelation.

Cool game, great boards! I would like to see a beginners mod which makes your units like bright orange, enemy bright yellow, kinda hard to see units at first. Somebody today posted there was going to be a bright orange construction mod or the like, a good idea. What is that 4 level "shift T", are there 4 lvls of trees?

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About units visibility. I am not sure if you know that you can change size of figurines on your screen (Shift C) to make them easier to spot. Additionally, you have colored unit bases, if you turned them off by a chance - use Shift-B.

You really don't want your SS wearing orange pyjamas, do you :rolleyes:

good luck with your troops,


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T: hit T repeatedly to cycle through the various levels of shown trees -- something like 'none', 'sparse', 'full', 'extreme'. It has no effect on whether or not those tiles are actually wooded, but setting trees to sparse (I prefer to at least know at a glance whether the tiles have trees...) can make it easier to find your units.

Also turn on unit bases (B) and cycle through unit sizes ©; maybe play at size +2 or so, since realistic-sized units can be tricky to impossible to see at any view that lets you see much of the battlefield.

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I remember when I stumbled on CMBO. It was the game I always wanted but didn't think I'd ever see on a PC.

As a lad I used to play around with 1/300 scale tanks, but the rules were extremely crude and the landscape I could create even more so. And as for finding an opponent, think again.

I had just spent a few short months playing CMBO when CMBB came out. I bought it immediately but at that time I was in the process of moving half way round the world from Europe to New Zealand (where people go shopping in bare feet, by the way, like Hobbits) so have not had any money to splash out on a computer.

You can't imagine what it has been like with the CMBB CD in the cupboard but no PC to play it on.

No-one will ever really know what I've gone through. I've become sullen and withdrawn.

The thought of using Panthers and Tigers "en masse", rather than in ones and twos, is simply outrageous! I don't think I'll ever get used to that.

It looks like I'll be in the market for a PC in the next few weeks. I'll really only be buying it for CM, but it's a bargain even if you have to buy the PC specifically for it.

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