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CMBB Models Bad Luck and Friendly Fire! BFC Please Fix or Do Somefink!

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Okay, so I spent quite a bit of time stalking one of Sneezy's nassty little armored cars. Finally, I saw my chance. Two platoons under command of Lt. Chekovski waited for the Armored car to pass close by. I issued the 'Follow' command. The rest, as the say, is history.


  • And here we go.
    fratricide%201.JPG </font>
  • This is an overhead shot of the brave 84 Russian soldiers moving up to take out the evil armored car.

  • Seconds later, the car is knocked out.

  • The evil Finns jump out of the car! Mow them down!

    Fratricide%204.JPG </font>
  • Fire for all you're worth! Make them eat hot lead!

    Fratricide%205.JPG </font>
  • That's it, boys! Let 'em have it! Pour it on!

  • Agggh! Let 'em keep it! Let 'em keep it!

    Fratricide%207.JPG </font>
  • And when it was over, 56 of our brave boys lay dead or dying.</font>

Now, this was a night battle, with fog, and I know some people will blame this horrific friendly fire incident on those conditions. I think it is all a BFC conspiracy to destroy well-planned, painstakingly coordinated attacks with pure blind luck! This game is supposed to be like chess, or somefink! Why all the luck? Where is the humanity?

You know, BFC, some of us sacrifice up to two minutes of our time to plan moves! You should REALLY think about us and take all this stupid luck out anyway. Besides, Luck didn't win the war anyway - I read his book! He was captured by the Russians and lost.

So there!

Maybe next time I should just buy a bunch of KV-85's.


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Nope. Not friendly fire at all. In pics five and six you can clearly see the evil alien saucer> The Finns probably had the Raelians on their side. I'm sure it sneakily fired on your troops. Big blasts of phaser power.

Or wait - look closely at the last pic. There are suspicious holes the ground reminiscent of artillery or armoured fire. Are you sure you didn't drop an 81 on your men "by mistake"?


(I always liked friendly fire in Ghost Recon. Shoot your buddy and say "sorry, but you moved into my line of sight..." then laugh while he has to run all the way from the insertion zone to catch up...

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