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Whitewashed MIkeyD PzIV-H

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I had a try at whitewashing MikeyD's new PanzerIV-H.


I'm begining to wonder if this version my be a little to bright at the moment, though I don't know if there is much I could do with it right now.

I'm having a hell of a time with my PC in regards to logging on to my ISP, something is mega screwed up in how my motherboard, modem and soundcard are interacting with each other.

My PC just reboots when I try to log onto my ISP, and the rare time I can get on I never know when a reboot is going to happen.

I also uploaded a try at camouflaging MikeyD's yellow PanzerIV-F2, it's not much, though it's only about my second attempt to camouflage an AFV.

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I appreciate the feedback guy's.

I have updated that whitewashed PzIV-H, tried to tone down the brightness on the skirts and rear engine deck. It's about equal with the G model in that regard now.

Well That should give me all the PanzerIV's other then the C, D and J model in a winterized state with newer updated artwork.

I don't know if MikeyD is going to redraw the C and D model or not. I have been playing with Andrew's ambush pzIV-J camo model, but not having very good luck with it, one problem I'm having with it is that layer of dust on the bottom of the hull skirt.

I'd like to do more with camo but I haven't a clue on how to use layers in PSP, which would help a lot in that regard.

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"I don't know if MikeyD is going to redraw the C and D model or not."

...neither does MikeyD! ;)

I'm presently between mod projects (though I'm merrily up- I mean downloading other people's by the dozen!) and have yet to choose a new mod project to pass the time. I'd better choose soon - TV ain't getting any better!

[ June 03, 2005, 02:04 PM: Message edited by: MikeyD ]

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I hear ya about the bloody TV stuff, though you haven't seen canadian television that makes the american system look real, real good.

You could always pass the time of day like I have been doing all afternoon, installing a new motherboard and hardrive in my PC, oh joy!... fun it ain't.

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"...though you haven't seen canadian television..."

Hah! I grew up in northern Maine 14 miles from the Canadian border. Instead of watching 'Kojak' in my youth I'd watch 'The M.P.' starring Gordon Pinsent! Not to mention the joys of getting to see 'The Prisoner" before the rest of America.

To this day nothing warms my heart so much as a televised curling championship :D;)

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