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Attention CMAK modders (and anyone else interested)

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I made a nice find in a used bookstore over the weekend. I found a copy of The Sunday Times Book of Alamein and the Desert War, edited by Derek Jewell.

It was put together for the 25th anniversary of the battle and includes essays by Len Deighton, Olivia Manning, Barrie Pitt and Horst Baumann.

Quite nice.

However, of interest to modders thinking of doing uniforms for CMAK (yes, I'm talking to you Andrew smile.gif ) there is a full-colour spread in the middle of some beautiful watercolors of various desert uniforms painted by Roger Coleman.

They are:

1) An Australian 8th Army infantry corporal

2) An Afrika Korps infantry captain

3) An 8th Army Gurkha Rifles sergeant

4) An 8th Army Royal Artillery captain

5) An Afrika Korps panzergrenadier private

6) An Italian artillery captain

(There is also a slightly disturbing color photograph of Rommel's death mask kept by his widow in her home near Stuttgart, showing the damage done to his smashed left cheekbone in France three months before his death)

There are also color "war badges" including those used by the 8th Army, different German Panzer corps and divisions and the 51st Highland Division (just a few of the 20 in total.)

If anyone would like e-mails of these color pages, post here and I'll scan and send them to you.

The book itself was a gem for only $2 (Canadian! tongue.gif ). The editor of the book actually went back to Africa with Montgomery and got him to write an essay looking back to the battles that he is largely remembered for. Interesting stuff.

For example, there is a picture of him in the caravan -- really a converted army lorry -- that was captured from the Italian general Beregonzoli and he brought back to his home in Hampshire. Inside are pictures of Rommel, Model and Kesselring on its walls. Those pictures -- and his favorite quotations -- were placed on the caravan's walls to "inspire" him.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd throw this out there to see if there is any interest.



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Expect them sometime later tonight, good sir. Let me know if you can read the text under the badges. I scanned them at 100 dpi, so they should be fine.

The Africa Korps captain is definitely the coolest, with his aviator shades and high lace-up boots. Then again, the Royal Artillery captain has a nifty vest. And, of course, the Gurkhas, my God, the Gurkhas!! :eek:

It's like a bleeding fashion show! :D

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Originally posted by MrPeng:


Not another one of these blasted "mod" threads!!! They push the MBT off the front page!!!

I have always admired your ability to state the obvious with such panache MrPeng.

Please continue regaling the forums with your helpful and witty insights. Perhaps you have a job as a political pundit in your future.

Yours truly,

Someone who cares

P.S. Get bent. :mad: :mad:

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