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Mac Mod Manager redux? Aikidorat and Bsoplinger

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Felicitations and holiday Greetings you two. Like a bad dream I resurface :D Yes its about Mac Mods and the managing there of.

Don't know if you have moved on to CMBB, but the resource file method was dropped. We now have open .bmps in a folder. Like 7,370 in mine at last count. It occurred to me that either CM MacMod or Mac CM Mod Manager could, with a little snip and tuck be updated for CMBB. Hey I'm an idea person, not nuts and bolts!

It would be nice to be able to at least quickly have the new .bmps on one side to compare with what we have, rather than opening up the folder everytime. Under OS 9.2 it's a bit slow and subject to long pauses. Also if it could backup the ones we are changing (not the whole data folder) , a least temp. we would not lose them if the mod wasn't to pur liking.

As the two Mac Mod slut Gods.... I your humble beta tester beseech you for Mac users to again descend from Olympian heights and bless us with your gifts.

Also, if anyone else wishes to investigate this speak up.

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Originally posted by jdmorse:

Also if it could backup the ones we are changing (not the whole data folder) , a least temp. we would not lose them if the mod wasn't to pur liking.

What I've been doing is that as I have added mods is to first pull out the old texture and place it in a clearly labeled folder so that it doesn't get sent to Valhalla when I insert the new one. That way, I can always find the old texture if I decide I want it back.


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Originally posted by mchlstrt:

Jussabump. I'll also add: Has anyone tried CMMOS under SoftPC or sumsuch?


I found with Virtual PC (3.0) on my Mac (G4 450DP) that CMBO will install but suffers from graphics 3D acceleration failing, making it therefore unplayable.
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Finally saw this thread, thought I would respond:

I've thought of doing a mod manager for CMBB but wasnt sure it was needed (as MCM3 was for CMBO). Toyed with doing it to learn Cocoa, but then it would only run in OSX.... which I run all the time anyway but others may not.

Currenlty I do not have the time even for 'easy' changes. I'm having to put in a lot of time at work developing, testing and launching quite a few rockets this year. Been more of a demand for our services lately.

And, to make it more unlikely, the environment I used to code MCM3 doesnt make it very easy to switch the format to bmp.. .weird, but true. The new version may support it, but I dont want to shell out the $$$ for upgrading a programming environment I dont plan on using in the future..

as for CMMOS - I looked into it but that will take a lot more effort and I dont have the time.

now, if others dont mind using OSX to make the mod changes, I may be doing that for my own use. Limited audience, I know, but I'm looking to the future for CMII.

so, I know this wasnt the answer you were looking for, but at least mods can be done on CMBB without a special program.

I'll be checking in when I can.



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