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Another Early T34 Mod!!!

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It looks like MrNoobie and I are working parallel paths again. He gave use one early T34-76 type, and I'm giving you another! Check them both out here:


I've just uploaded two new mods for y'all.

-- First, new T34 waffle pattern tracks to replace the game's generic Russsian heavy (KV?) tracks. In clean, muddy, and snowy versions. They're mighty pretty.

-- Second, My new T34-76 Model 1942 with cast turret has been given an accurate roof hatch, a full set of from-scratch solid disk-type road wheels (due to a rubber shortage in '42), PLUS an 8-piece add-on bow armor kit! A mini-history of T34 add-on-armor is included in the Readme file.

Sorry about the grainy screenshot of the T34 mod. Take my word for it, the mod's prettier than that. I just couldn't get my old mac to stop down-resing the game for a proper screenshot.

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Looks like MrNewbie may be in the process of tackling all the T34s now.

I don't want to be presumptuous, but If you (MrNewbie, wherever you are) want to save yourself the effort of redrawing those darned steel disk-type roadwheels on your T34s feel free to pick them up from my mod.

Being Soviet vehicles, it's only right to do the socialist thing and share. :D

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The lores Grass was definately the difference for me. The size of the Map doesn't seem to matter. However, after all the fiddling I noted in a Thread on the subject, I realized that with several AFV's on the field some of the textures were still downsampled. I haven't gone at it methodically since then but I can get two tanks, Grass, Flag & one russian Uni to show up correctly.


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