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"Seek Hull down" command ?

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I've read the manual on how this is supposed to work: you set the waypoint to the spot on the ground where you WANT hull-down from, and the unit will move towards it until it finds a hull-down position.

What puzzles me is if it doesn't find a hull-down position, it continues to move forward: what's the logic behind that?

If I want hull-down against a far ridge line 800+ meters away, I do NOT want my units shrugging their shoulder and pushing off down from the hill where they started!

Another question is if it really works? In more than one occaision, I have a tank or two BEHIND a slope or hill in reverse-slope defense, but the battle goes well, and I want them to poke up and smack some enemy tanks who are looking the other direction. Using the LOS tool, I stretch the line to the target tanks: it's blue up until it hits the crest of the hill my unit is behind, then it turns red/black. Makes sense. I set the "hull-down" command in the location where the enemy tanks are, and what does my unit do? It moves up and OVER the hill and gets shot: it doesn't even shoot back (during the 1-minute real-time phase the status of the unit is "seeking hull down").

I've experimented comparing the "Seek hull down" command versus "Move to Contact + Cover Armor Arc".

I've had one or more tanks using both commands going over the same hill to engage known targets, and found the latter is infinitely superior to "Seek Hull down": the unit acts more aggressively firing as it moves, and will stop the moment it crests a hill (in hull-down no less!). With "seek hull down", 8 out of 10 scenarios, the unit blew over a hull down spot, and also failed to fire the entire time it was advancing.

Does anyone have more information on the logic behind the "Seek hull down" command (i.e. why did it skip a good hull down position -- is there a minimum distance it has to move forward?)

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This is not meant to be rude, but you really should do a search. smile.gif This has been discussed at length in a couple of earlier(much) threads.

Going by memory, there seemed to 2 schools of thought(as always smile.gif ), some for/some against. Once I developed a workable process utililizing the *hull down* command I use it constantly now.

Yup, just type *seek hull down* in the search bar, it's all there(I just checked :cool: )

Good hunting!!


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