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Place with Soviet Uniform mod.

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recently I have come back to CMBB, it's been a long time and alot of mods were released since I stopped playing.

I've searched the forums for Soviet uniform mods and found a few threads, my interest grew in AndrewTF's soviet uniform mod and I looked for it in Cmmods.com where it's supposed to be, but it wasn't there.

in fact, no soviet infantry mods were there at all!

my question is - where can i acquire those mods? i've searched in google and didnt find any there as well.

also, are there any mods out giving russians their famous 'greatcoats' for winter time? back when the game was released i thought that it would be probably a bit hard to put such a thing on CMBB infantry, but the hope remained in my heart smile.gif

thanks in advance for all repliers.

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I have yet to re-post the Soviet uniforms. I can probably get the regular uniform mod uploaded this evening. I am currently going through the winter uniform mods and making some improvements (like felt valenki boots and such) that make them a little more realistic. Unfortunately, simulating the long greatcoat would be tough as the 3D model cannot be altered. I suppose I could try painting the greatcoat skirts on the soldier leg. I don't think it would look all that good, but then again I've never tried it. smile.gif

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