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Can't help you with the factory fighting, but on the topic of FT teams, but does anyone else here like to use halftracks to deliver FTs right on top of a trench at high speed? One turn to get the vehicle moving, then another while it's moving to give FTs the 'fast' order into the trench from within the HT, then another to watch the vehicle roll up to the trench and have the FT's hop out, waddle a few steps toward the trench, and then usually get cut down.

I like to imagine that it's like clowns piling out of a compact car.

If it works, and they make it to the safety of the trench, it's fun. For me, they usually don't.

Is there a term for this technique of FT delivery?

And compared to SMG squads are they or are they not as useful as a fez-wearing bear on a unicycle?

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Der Kuenstler,

I usually sweep forward with three squads and the HQ group, with the FT hanging slightly behind the line. If anyone is encountered, the three squads can give suppressing fire, allowing the FT boys to slip forward and let loose the dreaded flames of oblivion. I actually had a German FT team dueling with a Soviet FT team in a factory during a Stalingrad battle. It was one of those moments that you just have to replay a few times to believe what you are seeing. The Soviet FT team let loose a burst, but missed. The German FT team didn't miss.....


I've done that, but it is only successful if the trench is under some very heavy suppression fire, such as mortars and MGs.


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As Heinrich said... bring them forward with supporting squads. Put a cover arc for 32m on them and give them a command to "move to contact." Sneak them forward if necessary, avoid tiring them. Pick a good HQ if possible... stealth and moral bonuses. Avoid contacting enemy units that are close to your own supporting squads... FT have a tendency to fire wide of their target for the first 1 or 2 squirts.

Also, keep in mind there is a good chance they will ignite the building.

If you have routed the enemy squad, put your FT on hide so he saves his ammo... or target a different enemy unit.

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