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Vorhut Panzer! - New Scenario at The Proving Grounds

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Just a wee note to say I have posted the above scenario at The Proving Grounds. It has been playtested so far against AI, but I would greatly appreciate some H2H playtesting. Here is your chance to have your name up in lights. Whats it about I hear you all cry? Well.....

On the 28th June 1942 ‘Blau’ started. Initially the operation was a success. The panzers managed to break the left flank of the Bryansk Front and the right flank of the South-West Front inflicting heavy casualties on the Soviets.

The dust from the advancing German armoured columns could be seen at thirty or forty miles distance. Small isolated Russian units polarising around the shallow cover of a ravine, or the wooden huts of a kolkhoz attempted to delay the advancing panzers. Many fought out their last battle under a deluge of firepower against which they could oppose little save their own bravery.

To facilitate rapid breakthroughs the Germans tended to stick to main road networks. As the bulk of the transport in the German panzer units was still motorised good road networks and intact bridges were crucial to a rapid advance. This scenario, although fictional, is based on the above situation. A scratch Soviet battle group has set-up blocking positions around a crucial river crossing. However, before they have had time to blow the bridges reconnaissance troops from the vanguard of an advancing German armoured column have appeared. Can the Soviets hold the panzers at the river?

Fictional with approx 8000 points combined. Map size 2160m X 2880m

ps Vorhut Panzer! means (I hope, as i do not speak German although being Scottish I have been mistaken for being German due to the accent) Panzer Advance Guard - any German speakers out there would like to correct any erronous language assumptions on my part please feel free :D

Cheers fur noo

George Mc

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