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Round turret armor of the Tiger - data reads "0 degrees"?

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the Tiger turret data of CMBB/AK says something like "82mm/0". Now, since the turret is round,

only a direct hit into the very center of the turrets side surface would be at "0 degree" angle,

provided Tiger and opponent are at roughly the same level. Any deviation of the round, either left or right from the center of the turret, would give an angle increasing with further deviation.

I believe the engine considers angular side shots for even surfaces, but does the engine consider this for things like the Tiger turret side as well, or does it simply use "82mm/0" for all turret side hits?

And while im at it: Although it would expose one side, but just at a steep angle, would it be use to position your tank with a slight angle to enemy tanks or guns, so the front except the turret gains some 10-15% angle?

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CMBB does replicate curved armour for small highly curved pieces like the Panther mantlet - I don't know why it wasn't extended to the Tiger turret.

The trick about placing your vehichle at an angle to expected incoming fire was known at the time and remarked upon - I'm sure it has been discussed here in the dim distant past! smile.gif

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