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Tank hunting with infantry (?)

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Hi folks,

My question: is it possible to hunt down a tank, without to shoot on the commander?

I mean, if you target a tank with inf/TH or make an 'armour target zone', they always shoot on the commander, if the tank is not buttoned. This makes many times a great disaster for the inf, beacuse, they will be spotted in no time - even more, if there are other enemy units near - so, they can't throw anything, bacause, they will be wiped out very soon.

About the same problem, but another situation, when the tank is KO-d, and my inf fires on the exiting crew - this can be also quite a problem, if there are other enemy units (for example tanks with cannister...) near.

Can anybody give a solution for these problems?



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I assume that your infantry is in cover and you want to avoid disclosing your position too soon? The answer is to use a cover arc. When you want infantry to attack a tank, but want it to wait till the tank gets within effective range, set a cover arc out to 30m (which is the limit for chucking anti-tank weapons such as demo charges and grenade bundles.)

The units that can safely shoot at tank commanders from longer ranges are sharpshooters and ATR's. They're very hard for tanks to spot from a distance. Other units should hide and use cover arcs. If you want your infantry to shoot at enemy infantry w/o being hit by tanks, try positioning them so the tanks are blocked by cover.

I hope that helps.

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Just to check: do your troops have any AT assets in the first place? Assaulting an armored vehicle heavier than an AC/halftrack without AT equipment like magnetic mines or panzerfausts is usually the fastest ticket to graveyard for your infantry.


Ah, sorry... You mentioned grenade bundles. But those are still one of the poorest AT weapons.

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Originally posted by uhu:

Thanks the answers, althrough, I used cover arc (35m, which is the throwing distance for grendae bundles) and hiding, so this doesn't help.

They don't 'throw' them, they place them. The graphical depiction is not what happens in the game. The game assumes a very brave soldier strolling over to the tank, whistling the RiverKwai march, and manually placing the grenade bundle with a 'Have a nice day' note at a vulnerable place. That is why it takes a while to do it, and if the squad is unhappy about being treated to the tender attentions of other supporters of the Komintern, it may not happen at all.

War is hell.

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I have bad experiences with inf. or even tankhunter teams and hunting down tanks.

My best unit for tankhunting is the flamethrower, they kill a tank without problems when they are hidden and dont move. (you need some luck the enemy tanks cross his path but you can estimate some spots where they are likely to pass...)

Give an arc when enemy tank is closeby and lean backward to watch the mayham smile.gif

Needless to say those are suiside missions, the flamethrower team is dead within 1 minute normally :(


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my impressions are:

- the more experienced the men are, the more willing they are to attack enemy vehicles.

- HQ platoons are more skilled & eager in taking out enemy vehicles.

- it helps if the enemy vehicle is not moving.

in my opinion infantry is very efficient in destroying enemy tanks. especially late German infantry.

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"I used cover arc (35m, which is the throwing distance for grendae bundles"

Too far. At that range, the SMGs will be in range to button the tank before the AT weapons proper are in range. So they will use the wrong thing first. 25m is a better distance. Be sure to hide because otherwise they will spot you, that close. But you really need to be close (and in cover).

I find it relatively easy to kill AI commanded tanks, but very hard to kill player commanded tanks, with infantry AT. The reason is players know enough to avoid moving within 30m of good cover. If you have to leave cover to reach them your life expectancy plummets.

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Originally posted by uhu:

(35m, which is the throwing distance for grendae bundles)

No it's not. 30m max for grenade bundles. Although I would set 29m cover arcs to be safe. Reason is, just like "area targeting" demo, 30 meters will sometimes give you the "use explosives" prompt, and sometimes not. Same with grenade bundles, so if you're 30 meters from a tank, you only have a 50/50 chance he'll throw it.

To address your original question . . yeah, that is a problem. Really more a flaw in the game than anything. You should be able to keep your squads from giving away there positions by shooting at the tank commander. But, it is what it is.

Best solution is to keep a few seperate cover arcs from ranged weapons on the tank you are about to close assualt. That way, if the tank surprises you by unbuttoning beginning of the turn you want to close assualt him, you have ranged fire that will hopefully button him up first. You can give your close assualt squad a small "rotate" command, so he turns the first few seconds of the turn, keeping him from being the one to fire at the tank commander. When used in concert with a 29m cover arc, he'll turn right back and nail the tank once it's buttoned.

[ November 17, 2003, 05:15 PM: Message edited by: Walpurgis Night ]

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