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Question about CMMOS...

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I have a number of vehicles listed in CMMOS with a red circle with a line thru it drawn over them. Is that becuase they didnt "take" into cmmos for some reason, or is it because I dont have those mods yet that are listed in the rulesets? I do know that Gautrek's dusty truck is installed, yet it has the red circle too. Maybe the file is corrupt? Thanks for the help fellas.


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The red circle with a line through it is a disabled icon. This means you don't have the mod or CMMOS doesn't recognize that it's been installed. Try going into the CMMOS folder, making a copy of the mod in question & reinstalling it. Sometimes that works for me.

P.S. find the ruleset 001-590 ( Gautrek's dirty truck ) change the spelling of " dirty " to " diirty " - you'll have to do it about 4 times. This should do the trick & the truck should appear.

[ May 17, 2003, 01:28 AM: Message edited by: Rob Murray ]

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