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How to attack hull down Tigers with a T-60

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Suppose you have to attack a platoon of hull down Tiger Is on a ridge with a lone T-60.

You should keep the T-60 buttoned up because it is only a 2 man tank and will lose its main armament if an MG shot gets lucky and caps the TC at range.

You should fire at the Tigers, one after another. Your 20mm has no chance of even damaging the vehicles themselves, but you have a slight chance of capping a TC if they are unbuttoned.

You should fast move to reduce their chances of hitting you. It reduces your own hit chances more, but since your hits won't hurt them, that is less important.

Moving at some angle to the direct line between the Tigers and your T-60 will also keep them spending some time rotating their turrets to track, and is better than running straight at them. You might show side armor, but since the front armor won't stop their shells, that doesn't matter.

You should use available cover, especially low ground. Their chances of hitting you are lower when you are hull down, and go away completely if one or more lose sight of you.

If you do everything right, you might end up with your T-60 living long enough to make it into full defilade, which will keep it safe at least, unless or until the Tigers leave their favorable position to re-establish LOS. The T-60 might even function as bait in this case, if you have anything else, even a single tank hunter.

But probably, the Tigers will spend about 10 seconds aligning their guns, and another 20-30 seconds tops missing with first rounds, before your T-60 becomes a flaming wreck.

Obviously there are things you can do in this unfavorable situation. But they won't really matter.

The most important thing to know about attacking a platoon of Tiger Is with a lone T-60, is that you can't. You'll die. It is exactly the match up the enemy wants - a weapon his Tiger completely overmatches and can kill with impunity, mashed onto his weapon. How artfully you do it is quite irrelevant. The underlying match-up is already a combined arms mistake, and that is the only important thing to know about it.

T-60s have other combined arms enemies they are effective against. Other things are more effective against a platoon of Tiger Is hull down on a ridge - but even the best are not all that effective, because it is a very strong asset for the enemy.

So, the bottom line on the subject question is, "you don't. It is stupid".

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Ok, now that we got that all cleared up. How would someone conduct an assault on a platoon of King Tigers with, not one, but two AT rifle teams. Yes thats correct, the player was smart enough to wait for a second AT rifle team to help with the glorious assault. :D

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